Throughout the month of Ramadaan the SADN provides daily Iftaar / Siyaam meals at our Centres which is M.A. Motala Islamic Centre (Wyebank), Amaoti Islamic Centre (Inanda), Umtulume Islamic Centre (South Coast), Botshabelo and Casteel Islamic Centre. Tarawee is also held at all the above centres. Iftaar / Siyaam meals are provided for almost 200 Muslim students and the disadvantaged surrounding Muslim community. On some occasions (on weekends) donors would arrange a visit at one of our centres, spend time with students and have iftaar with them.

At the M.A. Motala Islamic Centre iftaar program are held that involves inviting people from the community on a weekend, solely to expose people to Islam and mainly Ramadhaan. Five organisations from the area of Wyebank and surrounding areas where invited to witness Ramadhaan and what it entails. About 60 people attended the program.

Last year with the help of a generous donor Southern Africa Dawah Network distributed hampers to 3000 people who benefited directly from the program. These hampers reached people from areas like Phoenix, Amaoti, Umthulume, Inanda, Wyebank, Durban Refugees and people as far as Malawi.