Siyabathanda Abantwana is an NPO located in the M.A.Motala Islamic Centre (a project of SADN) which was initiated in the year 2011 by a sister Fatima Mnxulwa. The organisation provides essentials to the needy Orphans, vulnerable children, as well as those who are victims of HIV/AIDS. Assistance begins from providing Quality Education to every Orphan of the community of Wyebank all the way tackling and fighting hunger and starvation. This organisation goes further to lessen the burden to the guardians of growing these orphans in a country that has a high unemployment rate and poverty stricken. Siyabathanda Abantwana forms a partnership with the local Councilor of Wyebank. We work with NGO’s, Faith-based institutes, and Governmental Departments. We have 30 Orphans, of which 22 are active. The Committee consists of Chairperson (Fatima Mnxulwa), Secretary (Precious Duduzile Zwane), Treasurer (Yusuf Mohammedy), Assistant Treasurer (Farouk Essop Shaik).

- Orphans Program
• Daily feeding
• Daily academic assistance
• Children counseling
• Peer-education
• Youth Camps
• June 16 (YOUTH DAY) Programme
• Saturday KIDS CLUB
• Monthly food parcel distribution
• Home Visits and Assessment
• Dawah Outreach
• December 1 (World AIDS Day) programme
• Islamic Youth Seminars
• Winter Warm Operation
• Senior Citizens support group-Orphans guardians
• Excursions (term end)
• Orphan Day programme, Community Outreach


• Home visits
• Back-2-School package (School fees, Stationery, Tracksuits, School shoes)
• BIG Walk with MAMIC
• Beading / Crafts
• Art
• Funny Day program
• Memory Box program
• Human Rights Day program
• Food Parcels
• Community Feeding
• Orphans Teenage Camp
• Orphan Day program
• Excursions
• Both Eids ProgramReport Analysis), Tuition Programme
• Community Iftaar, Assessment (School)

Some other activities during the year are:

Senior Citizens support group-Orphans guardians

‘Mthandeu Mtomdala’ meaning ‘Love the Aged’ is a support group currently running under the Orphans Program which consists of 55 elderly women. Most of these women are the grandmothers to our Orphans. The support group was initiated early this year; they ‘attend’ every fortnight at the MA Motala Islamic Centre and it’s usually held at the open field. This support group is run and supervised by sister Fatima Mnxulwa, with her qualification in Counseling and her ex-perience in the field of humanitarian work, charitable and volunteering work she does an inexplicable job. Occasionally, we invite a Social Worker to run a session or two, informally, with the elderly. Thereafter they chuckle and exchange lifetime experiences, whilst having a scrumptious meal.

Community Outreach Programme

Siyabathanda Abantwana is blooming and growing every day, and with its location being the MA Motala as a community associate, a number of outreach programmes were organised to lend a hand in the community for the disadvantaged and destitute. We have an on-going basis distribution of food hampers and clothing to an Old age home (Mthande Ugogo) at Kwa Dabeka, a feeding scheme to the community roughly once a month. Feeding every fort nightly to the Senior Citi-zens support group (above-mentioned). Beading classes twice every week, Sewing classes once every week. Lastly, we have winter-warmth blanket distribution in collaboration with various organisations, and faith-based sects.

Teenage CAMP-June 2013 (1st CAMP)

A large crowd of 28 participants from various girls Islamic Institutes in and around Durban took part in the auspicious Teenage Girls Camp which took place at the M.A.Motala Islamic Centre, from the 21st till the 23rd of June, 2013.

The entire weekend, all the participants took part in our sessions and topics discussed, which they say fully “it was edu-cative, entertaining, and fun-filled”. Out of all the programs of the Camp, the Halqah was the most powerful one since amongst our participants we had a group of non-Muslim girls who were very keen on the Deen with questions and Alham-dulillah, our facilitators (as well as other participants) did a tremendous job by explaining and quoting. As per evaluation form which was filled-in by all the facilitators and participants, though it was our 1st time hosting a CAMP, it was a very good one and urged the organising team to carry-on having youth CAMPs. A second CAMP is due on December, 2013.