MA Motala Islamic Centre situated at 185 Wyebank Road in Wyebank, 5KM from New Germany is an establishment that has focussed on addressing the educational and socio-economical needs of the community and Islamic secondary students from far and wide. An independent Islamic school that always strives to serve and produce young, responsible God conscious and educational empowered youths.


The school has a staff compliment of fifteen personnel who are as follows: 3 academic staff of which two is part time and 4 AET academic staff. 2 Islamiat teachers, 2 kitchen staff and 2 maintenance staff as well as one laundry staff and a boarding master. We also have 2 volunteer students from Wyebank secondary who are mainly involved in student weekend tuition.

Ameer :Yusuf Mohammedy
Principal : Sheikh Ali Mathonsi
Administrator :Shabir Nhleko


Grade 10 - 16 students
Grade 12 - 11 students
Tertiary - 04 students
AET - 87 students (Adult Education & Training)
Computer Program - 17 students
Siyabathanda Orphans - 22 students
Total - 161 students


We have four (4) Tertiary students that are housed at MA Motala Islamic Centre and go to various tertiary institutions around Durban. Their fees are outsourced by our head office (Southern Africa Dawah Network). One student from MAMIC was sent to WAMY in 2013 as part of the tertiary program run by WAMY (Idris Banda). There are other ex-students at WAMY and over 25 tertiary students that are sponsored by various bursary organisations, namely SANZAF; Islamic education of Southern Africa (IEOSA); Darul-ihsan; Women’s Cul-tural Group; Daarul Yatama wal Masakeen and Iqra trust.


There are FOUR departments within the institution namely:

1. Islamic Centre: That Houses the boarding students who attend secondary school in the area

2. Adult Education & Training Centre: That provides basic education from the department of basic education, to students from the Wyebank, KwaDabeka; Clermont and Zamokuhle areas. Students are brought up to Level 4, that enables them to further their studies at FET colleges.

3. Siyabathanda Abantwana Office: Caters for the orphaned children from the Wyebank area and surroundings and organises feeding schemes and outreach programs for the elderly.

4. Computer Course: Provides basic computer skills to the community, which enables them to pursue advanced skills in computers or equipment with skills for the working world.


MA Motala Islamic Centre : AMEER: Yousuff Mohammedy
MA Motala Administration : PRINCIPAL: Ali Mathonsi
Adult Education &Training Centre : P.D Zwane
Siyabathanda Orphanage : Fatima Mnxulwa
Computer Program : Shabir Nhleko


The Eight (8) students who sat for their NSC Final examinations in 2012, through their hard work dedication produced pleasing results. Four students passed with Bachelors entry, two Diploma pass, a higher certificate and one failure.

Two who got Bachelors pass, are at UKZN Howard College doing Bachelor of Arts in Law and Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics; The higher certificate student is at eThekwini FET College pursuing Motor Mechanics.


The sixteen (16) students had enrolled for Grade 12 at the adjacent school (Tholulwazi Secondary). The number has since been reduced to eleven (11) due to various issues that challenge boarding institutions. (Ill-discipline; drop-outs etc.)

GRADE 10 – 2013

In the year 2013 twenty (20) students were recruited for Grade 10. The students were admitted and enrolled at Wyebank secondary school. Most of the students are from the Durban area, with few coming from Pietermaritzburg, Casteel and Johannesburg

As a tradition MA Motala recruit students from feeder Islamic schools such as As-salaam; Edendale Islamic; Waterval Islamic etc. Dawah collaborating organisations are also used to recruit e.g. (IDM ;Firqatu Dawah ; WAMY etc.)


This program boost the spiritual level of students and resident teachers in supplicating to God Almighty , a variety of spiritual programs are on-going: namely : Daily Salaat ; Daily Azkar (zikr) after Fajr; Jumuah Salaat ; Eid Salaat; Verulam zikr programme which is held once a month organised by Hafez Bashir Noorgat of Stanger.

Special appreciation goes to Darul Ihsan who support our Jumuah program with Ulemas and Sheikhs that conducts the program. The following Ulemas and Sheikh normally conduct Jumuah at our centre; ML Muhammad Ballim; ML Bilal Kathrada ; ML Ameer and ML Muhammad Adam


These students are registered at different levels within the AET program that comprises of three levels namely:

Level 2 – 17students
Level 3 – 30 students
Level 4 – 40 students

Attendance fluctuated throughout the year, increasing in the beginning of the year and dwindling as the year continued, caused by various socio-economic issues affecting the students.


The program is organised in association with Humana People to People and Kylix Web of ML Bilal Kathrada. Brother Shabir of MA Motala has been tasked to facilitate the course. The course was introduced on a two months basis beginning in 2013, with students admitted in February, May and August. With the success of the course we were advised to increase the length of the course to four (4) months.

Three groups have since graduated from the course. When the graduation ceremonies were organised all collaborating partners in the course were present to acknowledge their contributions in the success of the course delivery. The local Wyebank Municipal Councillor was invited.


The Islamic Program is headed by ML Abduraheem Chimbwe, under the guidance of Mr Yusuf Mohammedy on curriculum delivery courtesy of Darul Uloom Talim Board Isipingo. The department has been a challenging one this year.

Students are engaged in Islamic studies later in the day when coming back from school. Signs of improvement are evident although there is a lot of hard work needed. Sheikh Moosa has joined MA Motala Islamic Centre to beef-up the Islamic studies department.

Talim Board Isipingo organises Islamiat Workshops on Saturdays.


During the month of Ramadhaan, we had a daily ASR program, conducted by both Moulanas ( Chimbwe and Habeeb ) where students would read the Quran, duas, and zikr till iftaar time. A roster was made for staff to alternate in giving 10 minutes naseehas just after magrib salaat before meals. On Sundays we had speakers who would come give lectures for an hour after Zuhr salaat. As we had in previous years some of the weekends Iftaar meals were sponsored, and we have the donors on site having iftaar with us.

Students were woken up an hour early before the end of Sehri to engage in Tahajjud prayer, till the end of Ramadhaan.. On the last ten Days, evening programs were organised and coordinated by ML Chimbwe , to try and search for the night of Power (lailatulQadr).

On 08August we had our Eid Celebration that started with Eid Salaah at 07:30 and an Eid Program where the community was invited and talks; poems; Drama; and Quranic verses were rendered. Thereafter at 12:30 lunch was served to our guests (Ubuntu; abet and community). The following day a visit to the beach was convened. Br Basheer provided lunch at the beach.


Itikaaf programs during Ramadhaan
Blanket Distribution during winter season
Qurbani –meat distribution on Eidul Adhaa
Food Hampers to community Elders


The year 2013 has seen a very busy and eventful for MA Motala staff thus only two staff development workshops were conducted by Mr Rashid Salot one of our Board of Governors member

An excellent workshop on “Qualities of a good teacher” wich benefited the MA Motala staff.


The Board of Governors Management Meeting met twice this year, on 09.02.2013 and 11.05.2013 and focussed on challenges facing studentsi n the academics department. Last meeting is scheduled before the school closure in November. A suggestion has been made to try and get community stakeholders to join the Management Committee.


The centre has made a big impact in the community, and on the outside world which makes it impossible to go unnoticed. The growing donor community have ensured that our programmes are carried-out with the desired success. The structures, programs, gifts, extramural activities etc. that takes place at the centre are a reality through the support that we get from the selfless donor community that have partnered with us. Without our supportive donor community, most of our programs could not function, or be productive.

We still appeal to the greater South African community to partner with us in the escape of illiteracy, underdevelopment and educational disempowerment.

ABET Learners
Computer Graduates


Winter Warmth Event
Boarding Students Studying