Islamic studies at M.A. Motala Islamic Centre

High school students are engaged in Islamic studies in the morning and when they return from school. They are practically mentored to lead the Islamic life in this diverse cultural community. Under Maulana Abdurahim Chimbwe and Shaikh Musa Mzumara, students learn how to write and read
Arabic, kalimas, duas, the history of Islam and propagation of Islam. Most of the activities in the Islamic studies includes theory and practical. Some new Muslims receive special attention to bring them to Islam.

The Islamic Program is headed by ML Abduraheem Chimbwe, under the guidance of Mr Yusuf Mohammedy on curriculum delivery courtesy of Darul UloomTalim Board Isipingo. The department has been a challenging one this year. Students are engaged in Islamic studies later in the day when coming back from school. Sheikh Moosa has joined MA Motala Islamic Centre to beef-up the Islamic studies department. Talim Board Isipingo organises Islamiat Workshops on Saturdays.


These centres are day madressa and skills centre. The Amaoti Centre includes a Masjid and two madressa class rooms. The Centre serves both the Muslim and Non Muslim community by offering Islamic education. The Amouti Islamic Centre has teaching staff comprising of Sheikh Maganga (Principal) and Sheikh Cassim Phiri. Our madressa pupils that attend is approximately 25. Madressa Classes are conducted daily. In our quest for excellence and improvement in the Islamic department, the SADN joined forces with the Isipingo Ta’lim Board to assist in Madressa supervision. Both our teachers attend monthly workshops at Isipingo provided by the Ta’lim Board.

Subjects Taught

Fiqh Durusu Islamia
Aqa idah Quraan recital
History Quraan hifz
Akhlaq Arabic (basic part one and two)
Kalimaat History
Duas Duats
Surahs Kalimahs
Qaa idah  


This program boost the spiritual level of students and resident teachers in supplicating to God Almighty, a variety of spiritual programs are on-going:


Daily Salaat ; Daily Azkar (zikr) after fajr; JumaSalaat ; Eid Salaat; Verulam zikr. (once a month) another spiritual program organised by Hafez Bashir Noorgat of stanger.

Special appreciation also to Darulihsan who support our Juma program with Ulemas and Shiekhs that conducts the program. The following Ulemas and Sheikh normally conduct Juma at our centre; ML Muhammad Ballim; ML Bilal Kathrada ; ML Ameer and ML Muhammad Adam.