The 9th Human Resource Development Programme 2013 was held at M.A. Motala Islamic Centre, KwaZulu Natal from 21st – 28th September 2013 in collaboration with 10 local NGO’s and the International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. This was a one-week programme and the focus was on Madressa education, Entrepreneurship and Business Management as skills and capacity building.

Duats and Islamic workers from South Africa and SADC countries made use of a golden opportunity of acquiring sacred and useful knowledge through a combined effort of some 10 collaborating organizations from South Africa. This knowledge is disseminated through the ever growing and developing Human Resource Development Programme that is orchestrated by the 10 NGOs. The Human Resource Development Programme is a response to the need and solution to the challenges that duats are faced with in their everyday work life.

Last year, the programme was hosted for the 9th year since its inception in 2005, and each year, it takes a step higher. The HRDP has established a solid base locally, and last year, it increased its visibility in SADC when Sheikh Yidi Wadi was mandated to conduct a 3-day follow up programme in Zimbabwe. Other two SADC countries: Swaziland and Zambia have shown great interest in conducting and implementing follow up programmes under the guardianship of HRDP coordinating forum. They all strongly believe that the knowledge that they acquire at HRDP is just what is need-ed in the communities.