As per Islamic Dept. year Calendar 2014, the above mentioned institution has so far organized two Comparative Religion Dawah Outreach programmes that were facilitated by the AL-WASEELAT DAWAH MOVEMENT, a grouping of resident Malawian brothers who are not only fluent in IsiZulu, but also eloquent with the vernacular language in both speaking and reading.

The Dawah Programme in question took place at the institution twice since the beginning of this year. The first programme was scheduled on Saturday the first of February ( 01 – 02 – 2014 ) while the second one was scheduled on Saturday the fifteenth of March ( 15 – 03 – 2014 ). In both of the programmes the audience was Motala Islamic Centre students as a trial or an experiment on the mechanism of the grouping as to how conversant are the facilitators and how effective is their presentation on the subject.

The objective behind the programme is just to deliver the message of Islam as it is stipulated in both the Quran and the Sunnat and it is indeed imperative for us to do so as Muslims before we become answerable before Allah on the Day of Judgement that we let people benefit from the resources of Islam and the Muslims for so long but we hide and monopolized Islam to ourselves. Therefore for us to be exempted from the blame on that Day, we decided to create or innovate this programme with this broader vision. May Allah the Almighty accept us all our efforts towards serving Islam and its Ummah and finally bless and so reward our donors and sponsors abundantly – Ameen.