Bulding Projects

M.A. Motala Musjid

SADN has started building the first Mosque in the Wyebank (Kloof) area. This Mosque is being built at the M.A. Motala Centre, 185 Wyebank Road, Wyebank. It will serve the areas of Wyebank, Kloof, Molweni, Claremont and New Germany.

This is the first masjid to be built in the Wyebank area.


M.A. Motala Hall

M.A. Motala Centre embarked on the construction of the Hall. With the growth and demand of programs rendered to MA Motala Boarding students and those from surrounding areas namely: Adult Education & Training students; Syabathanda orphans and the Senior Citizens has made the coordination of events held to have a minimal impact as the institute lacks the capacity to handle a big crowd thus the need for a hall.


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