Amaoti Centre

Situated on a hill overlooking a rural area in Amaoti next to Inanda, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, this centre is in the heart of a poor community serviving on a low income. Unemployment, lack of education and basic facilities is what this community is well aware of. The Amaoti Centre tries to alivate their burdens by providing much needed help.

The Amaoti centre provides 30 young students with madressa education daily. These students are also provided with a meal when they attend classes as most students go to school hungry. In our quest for excellence and improvement in the Islamic department, the SADN joined forces with the Isipingo Ta’lim Board to assist in Madressa supervision. Our teachers attend monthly workshops at Isipingo provided by the Ta’lim Board. Free secular tuition classes is also offered to high school students at the centre. The centre comprises of a classroom, masjid, staff houses, computer room and sewing room.

Other Programmes

Other programmes at the centre include dawah outreach, home and family visit, sewing class, computer class and adult Islamic studies classes.

The Amaoti area is hit by heavy unemployment and it was for this reason that the Computer and Sewing Classes are part of its skills training programme for the community. Sewing Classes are offered to the community to provide them with a skill that would help them in acquiring employment. Computer classes were also provided to the youth and those that required upgrading their skills. Unfortunately due to theft of our computers these classes have temporarily stopped.

The centre also provides water from an electric borehole free of charge to the community as most households do not have running water.


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