The Amaoti Islamic Centre is situated in Amaoti next to Inanda, Kwazulu Natal. This centre is a day madressa and skills centre. The Amaoti Centre includes a Masjid, two madressa class rooms, computer room, sewing room and teachers’ quarters. The Centre serves both the Muslim and Non Muslim community by offering Islamic education, skills development and social welfare.

The teaching staff comprises of Sheikh Maganga (Principal) and Sheikh Cassim Phiri. Our madressa pupils that attend is approximately 25.

Subjects Taught

Fiqh Durusu Islamia
Aqa idah Quraan recital
History Quraan hifz
Akhlaq Arabic (basic part one and two)
Kalimaat History
Duas Duats
Surahs Kalimahs
Qaa idah  

Madressa Classes are conducted daily. In our quest for excellence and improvement in the Islamic department, the SADN joined forces with the Isipingo Ta’lim Board to assist in Madressa supervision. Both our teachers attend monthly workshops at Isipingo provided by the Ta’lim Board.

Other Programmes

Other programmes at the centre include dawah outreach, home and family visit, sewing class, computer class and adult Islamic studies classes.

The Amaoti area is hit by heavy unemployment and it was for this reason that the Computer and Sewing Classes are part of its skills training programme for the community.